How To Find A Trustworthy Jeweler- A Beginner’s Guide!

“If you don’t know Jewelry, know the Jeweler.”

— Warren Buffett


How frequently do you purchase jewelry? 

Probably, not much! Generally, most people like us, indulge in jewelry shopping rarely during our entire lifetime and undoubtedly those ‘’rare times’ are ‘’really special’’. On those special occasions, you would want to express yourself through the finest jewelry but you always get confused about finding a reputable jewelery stores. These days, it is difficult to understand who is looking after your interests and who is just involved for the profits.

Undeniably, jewelry business is not a simple thing for the layman as various factors are involved in buying expensive stones and diamonds, such as clarity, carat, cut, color and style - enough to make anyone confused! It is not as easy as picking up your favourite pair of denims. Moreover, like other occupations, there are people in jewelry business as well, who indulge in dubious practices in the name of artistry, expertise and value.

Finding a good and legitimate jeweler is essential to the whole experience of buying. Not only does it help you in buying quality jewelry for those ‘’special moments,’’ but also makes you feel truly satisfied about your valuable purchase. But how do you know that the jeweler you’re dealing with is not taking any advantage of you? 

Check out this guide to find a reliable jeweler for hassle free shopping-


Correct Certification 

If your jeweler has been certified by any trustworthy establishment such as (we are not selling to Indian Market)  to name a few, you can be certain of their repute and status. You can also check for an authentic diamond certification from esteemed autonomous gem labs, like Gemological Institute of America (GIA), International Gemological Institute (I.G.I.), Gemological Science International (G.S.I) or American Gem Society (AGS).


Reputation Does Matter

Various local jewelers conduct deceptive practices, such as…… (give examples) and can mislead consumers. The best possible way to avoid such pitfalls is to conduct some research on the jeweler.(choice of word “Prodigious” – replace with  “credible”) Ask friends and family, even colleagues, if they can suggest a decent jeweler. It will help you in defining, if your jeweler is a big name in the business. Look for someone with whom you can nurture a long-lasting association. Always remember, word-of-mouth is still the best, trusted approach.

-Read Reviews: Try doing some extensive research on the prospective jeweller’s Facebook and Instagram pages. You can get honest reviews on Google and other websites like Quora. You may also find an online consultant to answer your queries. This will give you a better idea of their business and how they treat their customers.  


Ask Questions 

Any decent jewelry store usually has expert staff to answer (use of word) all your gem-related queries. Always ask relevant questions and check for staff’s proper authorizations (what does this mean? Does she mean credentials?). Some credentials to look for in staff members are GG (Graduate Gemologist) and CSA (Customer Service Associate). A trustworthy jeweler is one who focuses on your requirements and needs rather than focusing only on factors like profits. They will not only clear your doubts but will also help you with your budget and accordingly narrow your choices. 


Customer Satisfaction

A knowledgeable jeweler will know how to present you with the array of products accessible within your budget and will always make sure that you get a  (not sure what she means by this)  in terms of quality and cost. If the jeweler and the consultants respect your choices and make you feel comfortable during your purchase you will know you have found the right place. 



Reputable jewelers keep themselves regularly upgraded with the latest design trends and gemological developments. They will not only explain to you about the four C’s of diamonds but will show you various cuts of different other precious stones, as well. Similarly, they will always let you inspect the stone with the help of a ‘’loupe’’(kind of magnifying glass) or under gemological microscope to avoid any confusion in terms of inadequacies, quality and value so that the client can make a better decision while purchasing. 


Long Timespan & Collaborations

The timespan a jeweler has been in the trade  will create a level of trust and conviction in him. Such jewelers (don’t understand what she means by this) to upgrade their business and develop authenticity so that people will have confidence in them.


Post-Sale Services 

A reliable jeweler usually offers incentives and upgrade programs, or other added (choice of word) . Always go with the jeweler who offers you protection on your purchase. Inquire about the jeweler’s returns policy and guarantees they offer. If any jeweler does not permit returns or warranties; don’t (should be hesitate) to walk away. Wrong use of word  - how about “Reliable” or “Reputable”  jewelers always try to deliver lifetime deals to their customers.


Above Selling

A fine jeweler not only trades with luxurious jewelry, but would offer you an extensive range of services. You should always look for:

An in-house skilled gemologist, who can help you find the right thing according to your style and budget.

A Jewelry Assistant or Technician?, who can amend and resize your jewelry.

Inquire, if they can arrange or design custom pieces for you, as per your requirement. 


Trust Your Gut

At the end of the day, selecting a jeweler with whom you want to establish a lifelong relationship is a personal process The process  involves getting recommendation from others, checking their market reputation or making relevant queries. However, if things seem to be scratchy (?) – change to “unclear” or “uncertain” in any way, don’t hesitate to find another jeweler.



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